What To Look For In An Indoor Rowing Machine

Searching for the best indoor rowing machine can be an overwhelming experience. With so many brand creating sophisticated machines, it is difficult to differentiate them and select the best.

Features and Qualities of the Best Rowing Machines


There are four different kinds of resistance, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. A good rower should have a resistance with minimal downside. Resistance that can be adjusted is a sign of a good rowing machine that will provide a thorough workout. This is particularly useful because it makes the rowing machine suitable to users of all ages and fitness level.


Performance monitors typically monitor fitness data such as time of workout, number of strokes and total distance. Apart from these basic features it should be easy to read (large, clear display) while exercising and must be durable.


A rowing machine is expected to last for several years; hence, it should be sturdy and created to take every day-heavy- training. It should not have major issues apart from maintenance and basic care. When in use and vigorous rowing, it should not shake. People don’t generally experience creaking noises from good rowing machines. Low-quality machines are known to produce squeaking/creaking sounds with regular usage.


One should not feel forced to work comfortably in the unit. There should be a natural rowing motion. The handles, seat and footrests should be comfortable to use.


A rower typically takes up a huge amount of workout area. So, there should be an option to neatly fold and reduce its footprint when not exercising. Wheels can be an added bonus for easy transportation.


Some units take a few minutes to assemble while others may take hours. The ideal rowing machine should allow an amateur with no experience to assemble it within a reasonable amount of time. The instruction booklets must be easy to understand.


A long warranty demonstrates the manufacturer’s confidence about the rowing machine. It also offers additional assurance to the user.

Total value: All the above criteria must be closely analyzed and then one should determine if the rowing machine is fairly priced.

Some of the best rowing machines available in the market are:

  • Concept 2 model D:  Well-known brand. Created for both home and commercial use. Offers very smooth rowing action. Has a very high resale value.
  • Velocity Fitness Magnetic rower: Quiet, durable and smooth rowing motion. Includes free wireless chest strap to monitor heart rate.
  • Concept 2 Model E: An improvement over an already high class Model D rowing machine. More sophisticated and powerful monitor, higher seat and much more.

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