A water rower is a fitness equipment that simulates rowing an actual boat. It is an indoor facility whose resistance medium is provided by water rather than air or magnetic resistance. This fitness gem has been around since the late 80s and come in either metal or wooden frames providing the same effects. Although the wooden water rower is made for exclusive use such as in homes and the metallic is quite prevalent in gyms where it is used constantly.

A water rower is unlike any other gym equipment. Unlike any other workout, it is designed to reproduce the working dynamics of a moving boat. It is made to function as if you were actually rowing a boat. This has immense benefits to your body and what you are set out to achieve. The foremost benefit is that, there is a low risk of getting injuries as you work out. A water rower does not put excessive strain on your body and does not cause physical stress. Some exercises and exercising tools actually cause cartilage damage but not rowing.

Rowing is beneficial in that it takes you quickly towards your goals in weight loss. A water rower actually facilitates the burning of up to 600 calories more than you would on something like an exercise bike. A water rower endures that your body is in sync thereby making all parts of your body involved in the workout. By rowing, it is evident that you can lose a lot of pounds in a short time. With this type of exercise, at least 84% of your muscles are involved in helping you get fit.

Another reason you should be rowing is that it is good for body posture, which is why it does not apply any strain. In position, you will have open shoulders, you will extend your legs and your hips will be properly hinged for the workout. A water rowing machine, tones both your upper and lower body muscles. On the upper body, your shoulders, back, biceps and abdominal area will benefit while on the lower part, your legs, calves, quads and backside get fully toned. That is why athletes are fond of rowing, to give them that power they need on their legs.

The water rower in your home or gym can well be used for an aerobic exercise. With each stroke that you perform, your respiratory and circulatory systems as well as your muscles will be in tandem assuring you of overall fitness and health, all these while you also burn calories makes it a leading exercise regimen that is complete. Aerobics are critical in staving off heart and respiratory complications.

There are quite a number of manufacturers who deal in water rowers. There are brands such as DM Sports, Fitnessart, Ganas, TODO and Jolift who have a variety of machines with different specifications. These are some of the leading manufacturers and brands associated with water rowers. You can get them at the various prices they are going for. You can call for special offers for customization. Get this impressive fitness machine in your hands and enjoy a blissful exercise.