Anyone who wants to get fit knows that the best exercises at the gym use several muscle groups at once; which makes a Concept 2 rowing machine ideal. Combining the highly effective movements of leg presses, sit-ups and weight resistance lifting, rowing burns a huge amount of calories and is a great choice for anyone wanting to get in shape.

Rowing machines have been in gyms and homes for ages and aren’t going anywhere; these machines get results. Concept 2 rowers help you move naturally so that you can focus on your workout and not constantly check your position. The machines are available in different heights and colors and made from brushed nickel, helping them last for years no matter how often you row.

A workout on a rowing machine can benefit the user in so many ways. Rowing elevates your heart and builds strength in your shoulders. If you are stuck at a desk all day, this can undo the damage of hunching down over your computer for hours on end. Also, an hour of rowing can burn 800 calories – far more than running or spinning. When you row you use every part of your body and get the most out of your workout, even when you only use it for a short time. As a rower you will be thrilled to see your more svelte shape and feel your energy go through the roof.

Purchasing a Concept 2 machine gives you a great way to work out right from your home. Before you start rowing, make sure you are using your machine correctly:

  • Stretch every part of your legs and your triceps, (your pulling muscles), thoroughly before you start. Don’t bounce while you stretch – hold each stretch and breathe deeply, keeping your body still.
  • Set your damper. This is the adjustable level on the side of the fan cage and it controls how much air flows in to the fan while you row. Set it higher for more air to flow in and lower for less air. This will not change the resistance level – think of your fan cage as equivalent to bicycle gear settings. You can always row faster for more resistance.
  • Row properly. Sit with your glutes on the rowing machine seat, place your feet comfortably in the footholds and hold the bar on either side. You can wear gloves if you are concerned about calluses.
  • Push with your feet and legs until they extend. Then lean back to create a C-curve in your stomach then pull with your arms to bring your body back in. Do it slowly the first few times, then adjust your speed to create higher or lower resistance. Don’t go so fast you are slamming in to your machine or so slow that you cannot feel your muscles working.

Be sure to visit the Concept 2 website for specialized workouts, tips and calculators to help you track your progress as you get fit and tone. Remember to do a workout every day to help you build up good habits and start to see lifted glute muscles, stronger legs and more beautifully sculpted arms.