Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

Features and pitfalls of the Sunny Magnetic Rowing Machine

Sunny health and fitness are a big player in the lower-price range home exercise equipment market. They produce a range of treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines,  steppers and resistance training equipment.

Resistance type: Magnetic, which offers a very quiet row and a reasonable level of workout. It comes with 10 resistance levels. You will find some negative reviews online though from fitter individuals who have used the machine where they state that even the highest level of resistance was not sufficient for a solid workout.

Rower length: 70 inches or 178 centimetres.

Space required: This rower is a little smaller than many other magnetic models so it is quite space efficient. You need some clearance at the back, but in a space that is around 7ft or a touch over 2 metres is sufficient.

Weight limit: 220 pounds user limit, which is a little on the low side for a magnetic rower where you typically expect a 250 pound user limit.

Durability: No reason to suspect any durability issues in general but cheaper products always raise suspicion.

Warranty: Standard type of warranty offering 1 year on the frame and 90 days on the parts.

Console: Electronic display showing the basic workout information – time, distance, speed and calories.

Comfortable seat: Questionable. Multiple user reviews state that the seat is padded, however there is a back edge to the seat the rubs and creates discomfort.

Other features: This is a folding machine with transport wheels which is fantastic for ease of storage.

Listed on best sellers list: Sells ok and sites around the 30th highest seller on Largely due to the fact it is a lower priced magnetic rower I suspect. The user reviews are mediocre.

User reviews: Only average ratings and 2/5 stars seems common, which is concerning. There are a number of reviews that suggest an uncomfortable seat and a lack of resistance for fitter individuals.

Price Guide: $210

Our Rating of the Sunny Magnetic Rower:

2/5. We mark this marginally above the Stamina Easy Glide as one of our lowest rate machines.

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