Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine Review

What are the features of the Stamina 1215 Orbital rowing machine?

This product is receiving amazing reviews due to the fact that it has so many interesting and strategic features.

It comes with a rowing machine with full range-of motion that mimics the actual water movement. This means that the person exercising can gain the benefits of actual hard work by simply using the Stamina 1215 Orbital Rowing Machine.

Resistance: It contains features like the smooth hydraulic cylinder resistance and is even more efficient that other models due to the adjustable tension controls.

Space required: Product dimensions are 49 x 14 x 7 inches and 67 pounds, making it one of the more space-efficient models on the market.

Weight Limit: 250 pounds, which is standard for home rowing machines.

Durability:  It comes with steel frame; it also has a precision extruded aluminum beam. The product also comes with a deluxe ball bearing roller system: it is built to last.

Warranty: The model has a warranty of 5 years for the frame as well as 90 days guarantee for the parts.

Seat: The seat that is included with this model is a thick, padded seat and there are also pivoting foot plates to help you keep comfortable.

Console: Includes a single button monitor that will show the speed of the user, the distance, time, and calories burned, miles rowed as well as the row count.

Other Features: The creators have made sure that the arms are easy to fold for storage and, as pointed out, have also made sure that the seats are thickly padded in order to help the user feel comfortable during exercise. Some assembly for the item is required (this is very common for rowing machines).

Unique rowing motion: During the drive phase, the legs will be extended while the arms will remain straight until the knees are also extended. After this the elbow will be flexed resulting to the oar handles affecting the upper stomach.

In the finishing stage, the legs will be fully extended; shoulders are back, while the elbows are also flexed. In order to have a perfect recovery the knees must not be flexed until after the hands have passed over the knees while the arms and shoulder reach forward.

Additional tips:

In order to maximize the exercise potential of this machine the manufacturers also recommend buying the fold-to-fit equipment mat in order to protect the floor.

Using the machine can do damage to the flooring tiles and by placing the mat this can be prevented. In order to make the life of this machine last longer it would be best to put some all-purpose white lubricant, the machine would be able to withstand the pressure of the use and will also be protected against rusting.

Stamina 1215 Orbital Cost

The model, inclusive with free motion arms, costs $237.20. Watch out for possible discounts by Amazon during off peak season. >>> Find Current Best Online Price.

Client Reviews & Our Rating:

“The machine is sturdy and it has a smooth action, users are able to set the back of the bar up higher which will aid them in getting off and on the rower. It is fairly easy to use and can help people lose weight if used often.”

Owners should exercise 20-30 minutes a day in order to see results, this product can help individuals attain definition and more muscle.

Amazon ratings for this machine are very high indeed, and it boasts over 75 ratings at an impressive average of 4.25/5! We rate this a solid purchase, given the price and an overall rating of 4.75/5!

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