The rowing machine is a fitness device that we use to get in shape or stay in shape. It has many benefits once you use it. It allows a full body exercise and boosts your strength and stamina. Moreover, it assists in losing weight and tones our muscles like nothing else.

Rowing machine Reviews

The First Degree Fitness E316 fluid rowing machine

This rowing machine makes use of water resistance to make it effective.
First Degree are well known for executing water resistance to perfection in their rowing machines. This rowing machine has variable resistance levels. Moreover, it makes use of a twin chamber vertical tank that is patented by this company. You can open up this tank and put in just as much water as you need. If you put in a lot of water, the resistance of the rowing machine will be high and if you put in less so will the resistance be. When you fill it up, this rower will push you to your limits. However, the technology used in the First Degree E316 ensures that each row is super smooth. For $1,540, you can enjoy the benefits of this superb rowing machine.

The Waterrower M1

Of all the rowers in the world, this is definitely the most beautifully designed. You can get it made of steel or made of ash wood. When you choose the steel S1 rower, it is a mix of metallic grey and black. The ash wooden one has a nice surface of polished wood. The Waterrower M1 mixes luxury and fitness. This rower makes use of an intelligent mechanism that adjusts its resistance according to how strong your stroke is. Thus, a beginner or a professional athlete can effectively use this rower. You can get this iconic rower for $1,919.70 and transform your work out regimen.The Horizon Oxford 2 air rowing machineThis rowing machine was created 12 years ago. Its design has remained largely the same since then and it is still extremely effective. This rower makes use of air resistance. Moreover, it has superb build quality and comes with a warranty that lasts 3 years. You can get this rowing machine for $615.26. It has always been one of the best selling rowing machines and will definitely remain so into the future.

The Tunturi R25 Magnetic rowing machine

Tunturi is a brand that has established itself in the world of fitness. Thus, its R25 machine is a high quality device that truly delivers on its promise of boosting your fitness. It has a digital heads up display that is interactive and very easy to use. It also makes use of a magnetic drum that produces no noise as you use it. This rowing machine has 8 levels of resistance. A unique advantage of this rowing machine is that it can be folded until it measures only 94 by 53 centimeters. Thus, after you use it, you can easily store it in your closet or cupboard. For $461.07, you can get this superb, convenient rowing machine. All the rowing machines in this review are readily available at Fitness