Review Of The V-Fit Rowing Machine Range

One of the major indicators for purchasing a home rowing machine is to have a look at the best selling list on a site like Amazon. You want to make sure that the item you are purchasing has good reviews and also is a strong seller (of course, keeping length of time on the market in mind).

  • V-Fit manufacture a range of rowing machines including:
  • V-Fit AR1 Artemis 2 Air Rowing Machine
  • V-Fit Tornado Air Rower
  • V-Fit PTR1 Pulley Rower
  • V-Fit Magnetic Rower – Silver / Black

The V-Fit Artemis 2 Air Rower is the top selling air rowing machine in the UK, which is one reason why this product should be on your short list.

The V-Fit Tornado is also a fantastic seller and one that you could consider as an alternative to the Artemis.

Whilst the PTR1 and V-Fit Magnetic are viable low-cost options, the Artemis 2 and Tornado stand out and for this reason, we will focus our review on the V-Fit range on these two items.

Let’s get into the review of the V-Fit Artemis 2 rowing machine…

Resistance type: Air, which is a great form of resistance as it allows you to control you resistance by the level of exertion you contribute

Rower length: At 2.12 metres, this is a longer rower than the Stamina Air Rower and York Aspire for example and will suit people both tall and short. Length exceeding 2 metres is typically a bit prohibitive if you are short on space, but given that it can be folded up for storage this gives you the best of both worlds – full-length rowing and easy storage!

Space required: You will require at least 2.5 metres when in use

Weight limit: 115kg (approx 235lb)

Number of users: Will stand up to use by multiple users

Warranty: 12 months on parts which is a standard warranty length

Console: The console not only shows total strokes, but also strokes per minute. It also displays speed, time, distance and calories burnt

Comfortable seat: Yes, fully padded and smooth to ride

Other features: This is a folding machine, so you can pack it away in a storage cupboard when not in use! It also has large foot plates for a solid base of balance whilst rowing

Listed on best sellers list: Yes – consistent best seller in Europe!

User reviews: 3.7/5 average reviews with over 25 reviews is a solid review history and gives great peace of mind

Price Guide: $205 BP or $320 USD approx

Our V-Fit Artemis 2 Rating: 4.5/5

This is a solid purchase. It has great features, a solid reviews history and affordable price. It is little wonder that it is a best-seller.

V-Fit Tornado Air Rower Review

There are in fact very few differences between the two rowers. The only three points of note about the V-Fit Tornado rowing machine are as follows:

  • It is a newer model, having been release approximately 2 years after the Artemis.
  • It is slightly more expensive at around $225 GBP ($350 USD).
  • It has a slightly better overall Amazon user rating of 4/5 from over 40 reviews which is a great sign.

Our V-Fit Tornado Rating: 4.75/5

This has all the hallmarks of a high-quality purchase at an affordable price.

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