Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Review

Kettler are a US brand of and extensive range of home exercise equipment including bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, and even other home-use games such as table tennis tables.

The Kettler range of rowing machines is absolutely phenomenal and includes models such as the Kettler Coach range, Kadett, Stroker, axos and others. They are renowned for their high-quality products, durable build and backed by comprehensive warranties

Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine Buying Guide

Resistance type: Top-line electro-magnetic resistance, which will adjust automatically when using any of the pre-set programs that are included with this fine rower. The braking/resistance system is first class and you will be guaranteed of a smooth row every time.

Rower length: 196 centimetres (77 inches) which is a full-size model.

Space required: Any rowing machine of this size will require 2.5 metres of space in total.

Weight limit: 285 pounds, which is a step up from many home-use machines that max out at 250 pounds.

Number of users: This is a top-line machine and you should expect years of repeated use from multiple users within the household.

Warranty: Very thorough warranty of 3 years with 2 years on the parts.

Console: This is an exception feature of the Coach E, as it comes with a comprehensive Siemens LCD display unit that comes with 12 programs installed, heart rate-based programs, all the key indicators you would need to see while you are rowing (distance, speed, stroke count etc). Very few home-use rowers come with such incredible console functionality.

Comfortable seat: Yes, full width, thick padded and comfortable seat that you would expect in a machine of this calibre.

Other features: Comes with a Polar T34 heart rate monitor that can transmit your workout to your computer for analysis. The frame is also made of carbon steel, is super sturdy but not overly heavy at 106 pounds assembled.

Listed on best sellers list? New to the market as of writing this article (February 18th 2013) so you will see this item gradually rise in the best-seller ranks. It is however a more expensive model so you should not expect to see it sell as frequently as cheaper models.

User reviews: This model is quite new to the market so online reviews are scarce. If you sift through the reviews of other Kettler machines, particular others in the Coach range however you will see very solid 4/5 reviews on a consistent basis.

Coach E Price Guide:

This is the top Kettler model and priced at around $1399 on Amazon and similar online retailers. Model is currently available for shipping within the United States

Our Kettler Coach E Rating:

It is a quality product without doubt. In the absence of an extensive review history, we have to give it a 4.5/5 at this stage, however if user reviews go as expected it would certainly be worthy of an increase.

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