Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine Review

Review of the Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine with comparison to the Model D

Concept 2 have been producing exceptional quality rowing machines since 1981. The range has moved from the Model A right through to the Model E which was released in 2006, and recently to include the Dynamic Indoor Rower which was released in 2010 and utilizes new-age rowing machine technology.

Concept 2 produce industrial Quality machines, but they are also more than suitable for home use. If you are just a casual user, you probably don’t need to purchase a Concept rower because you do pay for Concept quality. There are plenty of other fantastic air resistance rowing machines that we have reviewed and here is the complete Air Rower list.

Never-the-less, if you are able to afford the Model E, here is our extensive review:

Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine Review

Resistance type: Air, which we recommend for anyone seeking a descent workout.

Rower length: At 242 centimetres (95 inches), this is the absolute definition of a full-length machine.

Space required: Given the extreme length of the rower compared to many others, you don’t need that much clearance behind it so really, around 10% of the machine length extra space behind is all you need.

Weight limit: 225kgs / 496lbs so this is suitable for nearly everyone.

Durability: If you have any issue with durability with a Concept 2 rower, you are in the absolute minority. In fact, the Model E is brilliantly build and even goes a step beyond the Model D with such design features as double powder coating one the frame, Nickel plated steel chain and welded steel legs at the front.

Warranty: 2 years parts and 5 years on the frame, just like the model D.

Console:  PM4 Performance Monitor is the standard monitor on this model. It quite literally provides you with feedback on everything you need and some! You’ll be able to gauge stroke rate, distance, time, energy expenditure and more on either a scrolling screen or set screen.

It also comes with a number of cool features such as games to help you get through your workout enjoyably and also the ability to set a pace boat to keep up with.

You can also use the LogCard as a rowing journal, download it and store your information online.

Comfortable seat: Yes, everything about this model is first-class.

Other features: A fantastic feature of the Model E, which is one factor that differentiates it from the Model D, is that it sits much higher off the ground. Whereas the Model D sites 36cm off the ground, the Model E sits 51cm off the ground making it far easier to get on and off.

Available in Gray, Black or Dark Blue.

Also comes with a quick-release mechanism that enables you to fold the machine. This is not a folding machine in the typical sense, but it can be halved in size for storage.

Listed on best sellers list: Yes, this is one of the top selling rowing machines, despite the higher price tag.

User reviews: If you have a look through reviews on you will find that the machine meets all expectations. The user reviews on show 4.5/5, but this is only because one user has a bad experience with delivery (can happen with any online purchase) and marked the rating as a 1/5. Make no mistake, this is a quality machine of the highest order.

C2 Model E Price Guide:

Expect to pay a little more than the Model D, however you will get the model at a discount on >>> Get The Discounted Price!

Our Concept 2 Model E Rating:

This is nothing short of first-class. We use these machines in our health clubs franchise simply because they are the best. It is a 5/5 rating for sure.

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